There's room for every DOG

Fur Paws is a family home open for your pet. We as a family will make your pet part of our family. You will never have to worry again for leaving your best friend alone. Fur Paws is your second home away from home.


BOARDING day $35

For when you need to leave your friend for a few days.

Check-in time is within 7am to 6pm Mon-Fri or 9am to 4pm Sat-Sun. Check-out is before 9am next morning.

Includes: Unlimited playtimes, Administration of Medication, Unlimited Potty Breaks.



For when you need to leave your friend just for the night.

Check-in time is within 6pm to 7pm Mon-Fri or 4pm to 5pm Sat-Sun. Check-out is before 9am next morning.


Guests receive a complimentary bath after a 8 day stay* (ask for details)

Early check-in & Late check-out fee is $5.00/hr


Requirements for Service

Vaccination and health records at time of check -in.

Pay up front and get a discount!* (ask for details)

Females in heat can't be accepted




For dogs who are a little less social, senior guests, or those who prefer one-on-one attention, we offer several boarding options to suit their different needs.


One-On-One Play Session $10
This play session takes place with a Fur Paws team member and is designed around your dog personality. Perfect for the senior dogs that may want to play but prefer a low impact play style. Or perhaps a more rambunctious pup who needs a lot of extra exercise to "get their sillies" out. 

City Walk $12
Your pup will enjoy a walk with a Fur Paws team member around our beautiful neighborhood. They'll experience sights, sounds and plenty of smells while getting great exercise.

Food serving $3.50

For different reasons Fur Paws has decided not to include the dog food. We can offer you our serving or you can feel free to bring your own.



Ask for updates and pictures of your friend during the stay! We´d love to share them with you.